Privacy Policy

H&W Privacy Policy

Effective Date January 6, 2020


This policy provides notice of our information collection and use practices by Haley & Woods, LLP, (“H&W”). It applies to information that we collect from you when you interact with us. This applies to both online and offline information collection, including your use of any websites operated by us. Your use of this platform indicates you agree to our collection, use, and disclosure of your information as described in this Privacy Policy.


H&W connects with individuals for many different reasons. Those interactions may result in us directly or indirectly gaining access to information about you. By identifying the category or categories of your relationship with H&W, set out below, you will be able to easily understand what categories of information we may collect about you, our purpose for collecting your information, and whether we share your information with others.

Our Clients

  • As an Individual Client of H&W
  • As an Employee of a Corporate Client of H&W
  • As a result of an interaction you had with a H&W Client (for instance, you are a customer of a Client for whom we audit invoices)


Depending on your relationship with H&W we may collect specific categories of information about you. Below is a description of categories of information that we may collect, with each followed by a list of the relationship group(s) (i.e., the groups noted above) with respect to which we may collect that category of information.

Personal Identifiers and Demographic Information

This includes: state and federally protected classes of individual information, contact information such as your name, phone number and email, and other types of general information that may be used to identify you.

This category include things like your city, state, country and time zone. Although not often collected by H&W, location data may also include the global latitude and longitude of your location.

Client Relationship Information

This includes information that we may request from you or you may choose to provide for our records about you as a client and the services we provide you. This may include things such as your business contact information, your background/history, services you have obtained from us, unique identification numbers associated with you, and other information our client servers may gather about you to serve you better, such as family members’ names.

Client Financial Services Information

This category includes the information we may request from you or you may choose to provide H&W as part of financial services that we provide you, such as tax filings. This information may include compensation plans, information necessary for tax filings and other state or federal disclosures, corporate records, investments, and other similar types of information.


Keeping in mind your relationship with H&W and the categories of information we collect based on that relationship,

We may use your categories of information for Business Development, Marketing and Event Management. This business purpose includes activities like and similar to:

  • Lead Generation
  • Travel and Expense Reporting
  • Marketing campaigns by mail or email or through our website
  • Hosting internal conferences and training for Clients and Employees

We may use your categories of information to Provide Our Clients with Services. This business purpose includes activities like and similar to:

  • Client Services & Invoicing
  • Tax Preparation & Filings

We may use your categories of information so we can Manage our Client Relationship with You. This business purpose includes activities like and similar to:

  • Contract Engagement, Engagement Letters, and Other Contractual Obligations

We may use your categories of information to Comply with H&W’s Legal, Professional and Regulatory Obligations. This business purpose includes activities like and similar to:

  • Data Loss Prevention and Security Monitoring
  • Professional Certifications and Ethical Compliance
  • Personnel and Incident Investigations & Litigation Matters
  • Regulatory & Government Compliance Matters
  • Government Requests and Subpoena Responses
  • Corporate Insurance Management

We may use your categories of information to ensure we are Fulfilling Our Obligations to Our Employees as their Employer. This business purpose includes activities like and similar to:

  • Employee Insurance, Benefits, and Leaves of Absence
  • Personnel Compensation, Travel, and Expense Reporting & Reimbursement
  • Employee Management, Lifecycle & Records

We may use your categories of information ensure the Physical and Electronic Security of H&W. This business purpose includes activities like and similar to:

  • Mobile Device Management System
  • Network Monitoring & Online Intrusion Detection
  • Physical, Technical, and Administrative Security Reviews
  • Digital User Registration & Access Monitoring
  • Video Surveillance & Building Access Monitoring

Please note, we use all categories as otherwise permitted by law or as we may notify you. If your consent is required by law, we will obtain your consent prior to the use and/or collection of your information.


We collect categories of information in a few different ways.

We collect your information through several different methods:

  • Emails
  • In Person
  • Over the Phone
  • Workspace Collaboration Sites
  • Electronic Files (e.g. pdfs, word docs, ppt.)
  • Integrations, APIs, File Transfer Sites.
  • Database and Data Warehouse Access
  • Event Registration Forms
  • Paper Documents


We combine information we collect from you on the website with information we receive from you in person, by email, or by other forms of communication. 


On an as needed and case by case basis, we may share all categories of information above with third parties, service providers, and others as described here:

We share information with government and regulatory authorities. We share information with government and regulatory authorities in the course of providing services to you, such as preparation of tax returns.

We share information if we must in order to comply with law or to protect our legal interests. We may share information we collect about you to respond to a court order or subpoena. We may share information in response to a government agency or investigatory body request. This may include sharing information with the US government. We may share information if necessary to prevent physical harm or financial loss. We may share information we collect when we are investigating potential fraud or other illegal activity.

We share information with any successor to all or part of our business. If all or part of our business is sold, we will share information as a part of that transaction.  If there is a merger or acquisition, we will also share your information. We will also share information as part of a financing or bankruptcy.

We share information as permitted by law and for other reasons we may describe to you.