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Maintaining tax-exempt status and avoiding various IRS enforcement sanctions are vital to our tax-exempt clients. We will keep you aware of changes in tax laws and enforcement policies, structuring transactions to avoid private inurement issues, reducing unrelated business income and the related income tax, as well as other needed services. You will benefit from our in-depth knowledge of nonprofit issues and our experience in working with diverse tax-exempt entities. We encourage our client service team, where appropriate, to look beyond ordinary tax preparation and compliance work to develop tax planning opportunities and offer pragmatic and insightful tax strategies. In addition, our tax professionals have experience solving complex tax issues common to nonprofit organizations. Some of the relevant services we provide are:  

  • Identifying related party transactions
  • Reviewing allocation of costs between unrelated business activities and exempt operations
  • Determining the practical applications of newly issued IRS regulations
  • Identifying any threats to the tax-exempt status
  • Analysis and calculation of lobbying expenditures
  • Reviewing of executive compensation and benefits packages for issues of reporting, taxation, excess benefit, and private inurement