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Working proactively with clients

We use our proven audit/tax approach, methodologies, technology and processes, combined with our depth of knowledge and experience working with companies in the nonprofit industry. Additionally, our commitment to quality and timely service will contribute to your success and help you meet your business objectives. This structuring of our engagement approach shows how we will experience the power of being understood through every interaction with our firm and people. We will take the time to understand your organization, strategies and resources, and that understanding will be built into all aspects of the client service experience.


Frequent communication and responsiveness. With H&W, you will have frequent contact with our team leaders. This reflects our customer service philosophy, which focuses on keeping you informed during all stages of the engagement, through scheduled meetings and informal contacts to share ideas and respond to your questions. You will find we work hard to avoid unwanted surprises or gaps in communications. We will not shortcut valuable face-to-face dialogue for our convenience―we schedule our time to give you our full attention, free from distractions. Communication is critical.